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Vaccinate Against Pertussis

Vaccinate Against Pertussis

You may have seen commercials or advertisements lately talking about the need to be vaccinated from “whooping cough”. It is important to realize that this is not your grandmother’s disease. Whooping cough or pertussis, is a very present and real danger. Although ,vaccinations have reduced the number of cases of pertussis, it is still an active and, unfortunately at times, deadly disease.

The Children’s Clinic in Flowood can help to diagnose, treat, and deliver the vaccinations to help with this dangerous condition! Give us a call at 601-420-8233 to schedule an appointment if any of these symptoms are apparent or if you fear your child may be affected.

More Details:

Pertussis has proven to be especially dangerous for babies and children. It is a disease that begins much like the common cold, but leads to violent acts of coughing and vomiting that weaken the body, often landing the patient in the hospital. Pertussis is an air borne bacterium and is easily transmitted between humans. It is especially difficult to control because a person can be contagious for days or weeks before symptoms occur. Vaccination is the best defense against this disease.

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